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Introducing the modern Tsarina


The inspiration for my boutique “Tsarina’s Palace” came from a fascination with the style of the Romanov era of Russian history.

The fact that this year marks the 100th anniversary of the death of Tsarina Alexandra and her family is particularly poignant. On a more personal note, I also named our only daughter Tsarina so that we had a connection to this final chapter of royal Russian history as well as a beautiful name for her. Naming my fashion business after Tsarina therefore seemed like a natural choice when it came to reflecting the look I was looking to create.




In those days, the Imperial Russian family wore elaborate clothing which were heavily embroidered, and heavily beaded with pearls and jewels. Times have changed and I recognise that practicality now plays a part in modern fashion. However, for me, this does not mean that the elegance and style of a bygone era needs to be sacrificed. Here at Tsarina’s Palace, we will be marking the anniversary year with the launch of a unique collection of Imperial military style jackets for ladies which you can view here as well as in our shop. Our unique handmade accessories will complement our love for something different – elegantly different.


Romanov 100

Recently, I was fortunate enough to have been invited for drinks with friends who introduced us to a very special guest, Helen Rappaport. Aside from being an award winning author and expert on Queen Victoria, she is also an authority on the Romanovs and has just published her latest book on them to coincide with the 100th anniversary. Helen is a lovely person and also came to visit us at Tsarina’s Palace in Chulmleigh where she saw our unique collections herself. Shop here.


Tsarina Alexandra and the Romanovs may be no more but their influence on style and fashion will linger on. At Tsarina’s Palace, you too can now become a modern Tsarina when you buy any of our inspired clothes or accessories.